November 05, 2019


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7 weeks ago, I had significant doubts about the value of this competition beyond the possibility of Hawaii! Today, I have more hope for a healthy lifestyle than I have had in years. In the last 3 years I got married, accepted a very demanding job, bought my first house, had a baby, and the second baby is on the way. Life got REAL and I have eaten my way through the stress that comes with change. This is a major concerning because 4 months ago I had a physical and blood tests. I was 231 lbs, 40 lbs heavier than when I got married, my cholesterol was high, good cholesterol low, bad cholesterol ever higher, testosterone was in the basement and my triglycerides were at 399 when healthy is below 150! My doctor told me I was on the verge of fatty liver syndrome, a very serious condition that shuts the liver down. I also have history of heart disease and heart attacks in almost all my maternal relatives and ancestors. Things were not looking good… Enter Clean Simple Eats.

My sister-in-law @dfmmy8 invited me and my wife Cassie to join the @csechallenge knowing I was in need of help. We accepted and jumped in. I’ve done many other diets with some success, but have always been hungry and unsatisfied, and none have created lasting habits. CSE is different! I LOVE the food and Cassie loves the meal plans. I have never felt hungry, and consistently lost weight and gained muscle. The workouts are so simple and quick that I actually DO them and feel great after! And the best part about it is that it is SUSTAINABLE.

Last week I had another checkup and blood test and I CANNOT BELIEVE THE RESULTS. My bad cholesterol(VLDL) dropped by 78.8% down to 17!! My Overall Cholesterol dropped 26.6% to 163(above 200 is bad), my testosterone jumped up 26%, and my triglycerides took over the basement at 86, a 78.5% decrease!! The results are staggering, if not life-saving for me. I am so grateful for this challenge, but most importantly for the hope that I have gained in finding a healthy lifestyle, sustainable diet, and fitness to better enjoy an active lifestyle that I had lost. Thank you for showing me a better way and restoring my hope in achieving health and fitness!

I used the workouts in the back of the book and did an average of 4 a week. I loved how simple and doable they were!I haven't exercised in so long that it was awesome to be able to just do 20 min and feel a major difference.

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