June 04, 2024

Our Spring 2024 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Krystal!


I’ve always struggled with my weight and being consistent with changing my eating. Since having my fourth baby 10 months ago, I’ve realized that I desperately needed to make a change that was sustainable. I’ve slowly eased into changing my lifestyle, and a huge part of that has been understanding how my body responds to food and utilizing protein to help combat blood sugar spikes. 

CSE has been a daily tool that I have used to make sure I am getting enough protein and the meal plans have made it so easy to feel like I am still eating and living a normal life. It has also been amazing watching my kids' lifestyles change and eat much healthier and nutritious foods. 

I have loved these challenges, and am grateful that I can look back to see how far I’ve come in just a few short months. I’m finally looking in the mirror and recognizing a version of myself that I thought I had lost 10 years ago. I honestly never thought that I’d get to this point, but I’m seeing how this has completely changed the way we live our life and it has made this new journey very doable and exciting!

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