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We believe in superior standards.

We believe in superior standards. FDA standards are the minimum requirement here at Clean Simple Eats.

We run verified third party tests for Non-GMO.

When applicable, we also run gluten-free testing. Our standards are based on WHO, APhA(APA) and ANSI and other applicable FDA standards. Every product and each ingredient are validated using the following testing: Identity, Potency, Purity, Supplier Validation & Finished Goods testing.

We use validated FDA registered laboratories and send ingredients/finished goods to be verified and tested. Any material or finished product that does not meet specifications for Purity, Potency or Identity are rejected. We measure vitamins, minerals, proteins, and composition of ingredients. We test for contaminants such as heavy metals, yeasts, and molds to verify there are no microbiological contaminants prior to selling to the end consumer.

Our laboratories are FDA registered and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited.


Clean Simple Eats Has Redefined Clean Eating

Clean Simple Eats is on a mission to elevate lives through food and fitness. Our founders, Erika and JJ, have rocked the clean eating scene by creating macro-balanced meal plans, delicious recipes, and the best-tasting protein powders and supplements on the planet.

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