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Greens: Peachy Greens Mix

Greens: Peachy Greens Mix

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BEST TASTING GREENS THAT ACTUALLY WORK: Clean Simple Eats Super Greens aren’t like any other greens you’ve ever tried–they’re the best tasting greens on the planet. Guaranteed. There’s a reason these greens have gone viral on TikTok. They taste amazing, and they actually work! Eating enough green leafy veggies has never been easier–or tasted better. 

FLAVOR ALERT: Prepare to be obsessed (everyone on TikTok is). You know the vibes–paradise peachy flave (think Peachy Rings), but bursting with green nutrition. 🍑 🥦🥬


  • DELICIOUS TASTE: Greens that actually taste good? Yes, please! We have five dreamy flaves packed with flavor and necessary nutrients to improve your overall health. 
  • BOOST IMMUNITY: These greens are made with all-natural ingredients and packed full of vitamins and nutrients to regulate immune function. 
  • CLEANSE & DETOXIFY: Our Super Greens Mix has super benefits for the organs and digestive system. Protect your gut and get all of your superfoods in just one scoop. 
  • IMPROVE GUT HEALTH & REDUCE INFLAMMATION: Our greens have vitamins and minerals like chlorella, spirulina, and ginger to reduce inflammation, balance pH levels and improve overall gut health. 
  • HIGHEST INGREDIENT STANDARDS: CSE Super Greens is made with natural ingredients and zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or added sugar. Our ingredients are ethically and organically sourced, then cold-processed to offer the highest quality in green nutrition available.

MEET YOUR NEW GREEN ROUTINE: Just add one serving of CSE Super Greens to 16-20 oz. of water or juice for a convenient way to add more green leafy vegetables and supplement your diet. 

SUPERFOODS BLEND: Organic Artichoke (Leaf), Apple (Fruit), Organic Chlorella  (Algae), Organic Spirulina (Algae), Broccoli (Leaf), Peach (Fruit), Organic Carrot, Acerola Cherry (Fruit), Barley (Grass), Organic Alfalfa (Grass), Organic Oat (Grass), Beet (Root), Tomato (Fruit), Stevia (Leaf) Extract 98%, Organic Spinach (Leaf), Echinacea Purpura (Root), Organic Wheat (Grass), Tart Cherry (Fruit), Organic Kelp (Leaf), Organic Aloe Vera (Leaf), Organic Cinnamon (Bark), Organic Cabbage (Leaf), Kale (Leaf).

PREBIOTIC BLEND: Prebiotic Vitafiber® (IMO), Chicory (Root), Ginger (Root).

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Natural Flavors, Citric Acid.

Allergy Warning: None

We are passionate about our products! What you see on the label is what you’ll find inside! We will always make sure our ingredients are pure sourced and tested for potency, purity and identity.


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