March 05, 2024

Our Winter 2024 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Lo!


I am really proud of myself. Over the last year, I’ve focused on my mindset just as much as my eating and exercise. In the past, I’ve had a terrible relationship with food; which has in turn affected my outlook on my body, and I’ve been very negative to myself and overly critical. 

Because of that, I’ve always felt like I’ve been a quitter, but I’m more proud of myself than ever. After a whole year, with no sign of stopping in sight, I’ve fallen in love with the process and disciplined my mind. I’m more kind to myself. I’ve learned to truly understand the power of food and what we put in our bodies, while still being able to enjoy the treats. 

I feel like I’ve never been stronger in my entire life and am excited to continue to grow and am so thankful for CSE for inspiring me to never have a day one again, but one more day towards a healthy lifestyle for me and for my family.

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Each season we host a free 7-week, community-based health and fitness challenge. We work hard, get our sweat on, and work together to motivate each other to reach our goals.

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