March 01, 2022

Our Winter 2022 Challenge Winner, Wyatt!


The truth of my fitness journey starts with a declaration of my struggle with addiction, fighting with internal battles that manifest themselves with the use of drugs, alcohol and overeating. January 5, 2021, I sought help and managed to get clean and remain sober from drugs and alcohol. Food, on the other hand, was still a tool I used every day to cope with life. I was eating junk food that gave me temporary relief from my newly sober life. I justified this behavior for over a year because it was helping me remain sober.

My wife was proud of my progress, but was extremely concerned with my rapid weight gain. Confronted with my overeating addiction, I would answer with a reply deflecting my problems to actually being the solution to my other addictions. After one year of sobriety from drugs and alcohol, I knew I was still hurting myself by what I was putting in my body as far as nutrition.

Again, I had to humble myself and ask for help. I talked with my wife about dieting, but all attempts in the past were short-lived. She committed to cooking CSE meals for us to eat together. I committed to this challenge, and it has been extremely rewarding with the results thus far.

This experience has been life-changing. This is not another diet. This is a choice I choose to make each day to help me cope with everyday problems. I know for myself that I don’t need a substance, like food, to distract me from everyday struggles. Life today is better than I could have ever hoped for. I know the CSE Challenge has helped get me to this conclusion. Thank you so much!

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