March 01, 2022

Our Winter 2022 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Gabby!


I’ve been doing CSE since spring of 2019, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It has always been my go-to way of getting healthy. This winter challenge was very different this time around. I had my second son back in May 2021. And for whatever reason, a month later, my back started giving me issues. Pain every single day, literally the moment I would get up from bed. Long story short – it’s been a 9-month battle.

I’ve been going to physical therapy, seeing multiple doctors and specialists, scans, and X-rays and they still have no idea what might be causing it. So I haven’t worked out in MONTHS since any form of exercise would set me back six weeks of pain. But I wanted to lose the baby weight. I was discouraged mentally because diet and exercise go hand in hand. But I knew committing to CSE would still help me lose some weight; it might be at a slower rate than I’m used to, but I knew it’d get done.

So I joined the winter challenge! My husband and I worked our booties off getting our food prepped each week. It wasn’t easy every week, but we sure felt better when we put in the time and had food ready to go. Again, I wasn’t working out whatsoever - except chasing my two boys around the house, but I knew and felt like I was losing weight! Just last week I bought some new jeans in a size I haven’t fit into since 2019 🙌🏻 🎉 so I am living proof that you CAN lose weight just by eating better! It’s amazing how food intake can make a huge difference.

All it really takes is discipline. You can do anything if you put your mind to it and work everyday for it. I’m still healing my back and I am so grateful that it’s starting to feel a lot better, but I'm still gonna take things slow. All in all, I am so extremely grateful that I found CSE because they make it so easy to get to your goals. Even if you are a special case like me, it’s possible! So thank you Erika and JJ! The true MVPs right here, changing one life at a time. ❤️

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