March 01, 2022

Our Winter 2022 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Elizabeth!


I am really not very good at this part of the challenge. I feel like my words always fail me on how Clean Simple Eats has changed my life. This is my fifth consecutive challenge. I have a 5-year, one line a day journal and it is really cool to read about my first challenge versus my fifth. I truly have grown more than I thought I would.

Whenever the topic of conversation turns to exercise or dieting or weight loss, I wish that I could fully convey how much Clean Simple Eats can really change anybody's life. I have had multiple people start challenges along with me and so many of them drop out before the end or they smudge the boundaries and justify a "bad food," only to follow up with complaining on how they are so unhealthy or overweight.

My husband and I were talking about it one evening, and he said how important it is to follow with exactness. I have tried to do this in each of the challenges and have seen unbelievable results. My clothes are actually getting too big for me now. Before starting Clean Simple Eats, I tried to come to terms that I was going to have to buy new clothing because I figured I would never fit back in my other clothes again.

What started out as a weight loss journey has completely changed into a self-love and spiritual journey for me. I have always been so self-conscious of my body, but I feel like now I am truly appreciating it and loving it so much more for the beautiful gift that it is, no matter the size or shape.

I exercise five to six days a week with no motivation or help from anybody else, because I know how much it helps my body stay strong and healthy. That is never who I was in the past. I am grateful that Clean Simple Eats has helped me with knowing the right proportions and the right nutrients that my body needs to keep it fueled in the correct way. Erika and JJ really took out so much of the guesswork and did so much of the hard work already. That is why I feel like everybody can do this!

I literally share about CSE at least five times a week, because I want everyone to love their bodies as much as I love mine. I wish the negative comparisons would just go away and everyone could support others like in the CSE community. I thank God everyday for this body He has created for me; I am excited to continue my new lifestyle in eating right and strengthening me!

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