September 01, 2020

Our Summer 2020 Winner, Ashley!

WOW WOW WOW! Take a look at this transformation!! Can you guys even believe this happened in just 7 weeks? A BIG congrats are in order for our female 7-week Summer Challenge winner, Ashley! 🎉 You’ve just won yourself $2,500 plus our new Protein Flavor of the Month for an entire year! Can we get a HECK YES?! 🙌🏻 After 5 years of yo-yo dieting, she is now at the point where she enjoys cooking and making healthier choices, not just during challenges but in her everyday life! Ashley’s story is a testament to the fact that you can go off track and *always* get back on! We are so proud of you, Ashley! Way to push and challenge yourself to get stronger! 💪🏻 

Congrats, Ashley!

This has been such a different experience from the Spring Challenge. This challenge my intention was to feel strong, healthy, and change my idea of what food was for my life. I have done challenges before and would do great. The day I submit photos or go to a weigh-in then I'm back to the unhealthy habits. I would gain the weight back plus more. This has been my pattern for five-plus years.

After the Spring Challenge, I felt that this could be a sustainable lifestyle and not something I do for 7 weeks. I am now at a point where I enjoy cooking (which is HUGE) and making healthier choices. I no longer feel like eating has to be something I have to feel guilty about.

I feel like myself again and not just for the moment. It truly is surreal when I look in the mirror. For the first time in years the person I see is who I feel like on the inside. I am grateful for the work that has been put into making the book and having these challenges. Thank you!

During this Challenge, I completed 11 Crossfit workouts throughout the week with two running workouts. It was more of a challenge to see what my body could handle and how far could I push myself.


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