June 09, 2020

Our Spring 2020 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Tom!

Did you just have to pick your jaw up off the floor?! SAME! 🤩 Congrats to our very first CSE Beyond the Challenge male winner! Tom is no stranger to all things CSE. He has participated in five #CSEchallenges and has totally transformed his life - mind, body and soul. From muscle rehab to a close relative passing, Tom has had almost every obstacle thrown at him and has still persevered and used this healthy lifestyle as a way to get through it all. You've got $2,500 cash and our limited edition Protein Flavor of the Month for a year coming your way, Tom!! Read his full transformation story below and prepare yourself to be BLOWN AWAY.

Congrats, Tom!

I have battled weight my entire life, and over two years ago, my transformation started with my wife starting to use some recipes of yours. I really enjoyed them and that planted a seed that would later take off. I have always been active, but not always the most healthy.

Three years ago, I ruptured my patella tendon and the rehab was long and difficult, which lead to some serious weight gain. On top of that, my Dad passed away (my mom passed 19yrs ago also) and left behind two special-needs brothers of mine. This was exceedingly difficult for me and literally consumed my life for the next six months trying to get my brothers situated into a host home. With this demanding most of my attention and time, eating healthy and working out just wasn’t a priority. I reached my highest weight ever in my 39 years – 300 + lbs.

I made a change, started working out, eating better and lost weight. But I really did get stuck as my gains had plateaued. Fast forward to the end of your last challenge, and my friend showed me one of your finalists that he was friends with. I asked, how he did that. He said Clean Simple Eats. I then recalled my wife making that food and said, man, I think I could do that. So, we started as a family.

My wife Amanda, and daughter Bree, were going to do it too, to support me. Wow is all I can say! Not only did we lose weight, but we loved the taste of the food, the variety of meals, and how the book plans everything. The structure was perfect for our busy lifestyle and we thrived. This transformation has been amazing, but not just physically.

Although I have had great success physically, I think mentally I am healthier. I am not depressed, feel more confident, and happier overall. I think that is why this program is so good, the success trickles down to all other things in my life such as work, friendships, and much more.

Most importantly, it has helped us as a family! We have become closer and work together for the greater good. They probably all had a plan to get their dad and husband healthier, and that is ok. Also, my wife and I are closer as we work together. It helps me see what she does for us on a daily basis and lets me know to contribute more. So yes, the weight loss is great, but this Transformation story is much more than just physical.

My wife is a Rockstar. She has kept me going on this program. I have said it many times, it's unfair for her. She also has been super successful with the program. She has lost weight and inches, but no one notices as much because my transformation has been so dramatic. So, I want her to know how proud I am of her and her hard work! She wakes up every day before everyone else to make sure she gets her workout in and it does not affect me and the kids. Love her and my success is her success also!

The best part is this: it’s not over. People keep asking what now, and I say what do you mean? I think that’s the first time (after losing weight on many other plans) that it was so easy, so natural to just know without a doubt that Clean Simple Eats is our new lifestyle!

With the addition of the beyond the challenge, it makes me realize how much this has changed me physically and mentally. Because of my physical success, I have had lots of questions and had the ability to share my love for Clean Simple Eats. I love encouraging people to follow along with the program and I have been able to help so many people by sharing my experience with them. It is so rewarding and can’t imagine how that makes you guys feel!

Thank you so much for this plan and for all it has done. Hope to meet you guys one day and thank you personally! ‘Till the next one!


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