November 05, 2019

Our Fall 2019 Finalist, Carrie!

Read her story: 

I feel like I can go on and on about how much this program has blessed me and changed the track my life was on. Before this challenge started I rewatched JJ’s episode of Fit to Fat to Fit. Something he said really hit me: “I really miss the old me.” It resonated with me and I felt it deep in my bones. I heard it over and over again in my head.

Then at the start of the challenge life hit hard when my daughter was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. It had been a rough several months leading up to that point when I finally took her for help and suddenly I knew… I needed to be better. I didn’t necessarily need my weight to be better or my pants size to be better - I needed ME to be better so I could help her better. So my intentions for this challenge shifted for that. I focused on my overall health so I would be able to love and care for my family and have the patience and stamina to help my daughter. I knew that eating better and honing in on my workouts would improve my mental health so I could DO better.

My husband and I ordered the CSE bundles and started on the supplements. Your live Q&A about gut health hit me hard and I knew we needed them. I also got the kid shakes for my children and started them on better kid vitamins. My husband and I were consistent about working out together and I felt a deeper connection to him as we really came together on this journey to simply live healthier. I didn’t stress or obsess about my numbers like I did the first challenge. I ate the meals and did the workouts because I knew they would make me feel good, not because I knew they’d help me lose weight. I gaged everything entirely on how I was feeling because that is what success meant to me. I didn’t turn down post-date milkshakes because I was “dieting”, but because I knew I wouldn’t feel good having it, so had a CSE shake instead. I started doing self-reflections and a gratitude journal. It’s amazing how much clearer and positive your thinking can be when your body is feeling good. I worked on self-care and gave myself time to unwind and refresh. My spirituality had suffered for a REALLY long time so I began repairing it. I started a better habit of scripture study (which, to be honest had been nonexistent prior to this) and temple attendance (I’m LDS).

I shared a quote during the #cseinspo challenge that I carried with me throughout the 7 weeks and that was, “Transformation isn’t about finding a new you. It’s not like learning a foreign language. It’s awakening your FIRST language. Remembering. Setting the real you free.” I wasn’t trying to be someone different or create this “new” life. I wanted to release the best version of myself so I could help bring out the best versions of my family and I feel like that is worth more than a thousand trips to Hawaii. My toddlers would get so excited to exercise with me and my son hiked the Y mountain with me almost weekly and it was great bonding time. Healthy living is fitting into our lives exactly as I wanted. My first challenge I said my “why” was to be healthier but let’s be honest, my “why” was getting to Hawaii. This time, I know my numbers aren’t great and my pictures aren’t jaw-dropping because my “why” isn’t about a vacation after 7 weeks of hard work. It’s about a lifetime of hard work for a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for what you’ve done for me, my husband, and even my kids. Our lives are truly better because of this program and the tribe you have created.

I worked out 4 days a week doing weights and HIIT. I biked with my kids (hauling 3&5 year olds ain't easy!) Once a week I hiked the Y mountain (and got my time down 5 minutes!!!) and I ran a half marathon!!

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