June 14, 2022

Our Spring 2022 Challenge Winner, Katie!


I started this journey hoping to lose weight after life, Covid, and a 3rd child had all left their mark…but I continued on the journey because I actually gained so much more than I lost. Yes, I shed pounds, and I gained muscle, but more importantly–I gained knowledge, confidence, sanity, health, and joy. 

I’ve dabbled with these meals for years, but I finally decided to commit to the complete meal plan and take the plunge. I finally read the instructions about the twice per week meal prep schedule and was blown away by how simple and doable these meals really became!! Imagine that! I can’t believe I hadn’t read the instructions before now. 

We made it a routine each week and that helped us avoid the dreaded “what’s for dinner?” question each night and helped take the thought out of everything. I didn’t mind making dinner because I had a plan and didn’t even have to think about it! My whole family loved the meals. My kids would regularly exclaim that “THIS was the meal they wanted on their birthday” multiple times each week because they were that good! My husband would tell me often that he doesn’t ever want to “go back” to how we used to live. 

It truly has been a lifestyle change for ALL of us. I feel like a better person, wife, and mother when I am helping myself and my family all achieve balanced nutrition and fueling everyone with the foods that their bodies need. I also have to say that the CSE Kitchen ordered meals were a lifesaver and GAME CHANGER!!! When work got too crazy and I knew a busy week was coming up, I jumped on and ordered those meals to be delivered to our door and instead of ordering a pizza, I had a healthy, nutritious dinner for my entire family ready in less than 5 minutes!! Everyone loved the meal and I felt so happy my family was still able to eat a nutritious meal, even when I didn’t have time to cook it! 

Thank you for the time and energy and resources you have put into your products. They have really changed our lives and I am so grateful. I tell everyone about your products because I really can tell what a difference good nutritious diets can make in our life and health. The pictures and explanations don’t do justice to the changes I have seen in myself on the inside. Like my husband said - we can’t and won’t ever go back!!

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