November 10, 2020

Landon's Transformation Story

Landon has participated in every CSE Challenge this year, with his wife, Jamie. Even after reaching his ideal weight, he continued with their lifestyle changes while properly fueling his body and preparing for a marathon. Despite some curve balls, Landon is crushing his goals and feeling better than ever! Thanks for sharing your story, Landon, and keep up the good work!

When my wife and I first started CSE in January it was for many reasons - I didn't have enough energy to play with my two little boys, I was getting acid reflux almost every time I ate, and I didn't feel good about the fuel I was giving my body. But I didn't know where to start and my weight was at an all time high...of my life! Overall, I wasn't in a great place with how I felt about myself. CSE became a game changer for me! After completing the two challenges I felt like I had found new routines and habits when it came to food and exercise and I was down to my ideal weight. So when the summer challenge started it was no question that I wanted to be part of it 100%.

This time around, I was starting at my ideal weight and I was starting to see some defined muscle. This challenge I used Workout Wednesday a lot! I loved that some of the workouts were the ones from the summer book. From week 1 on, I didn't miss any of those workouts. Typically in a week, I also used those as replays to exercise multiple times each week. Running and cardio are my main source of exercising since I am training for a marathon. This challenge I ran 7 half marathons or longer - one each week - and I kept my mileage up to about 30 miles each week. Combined, I was exercising 5-6 times each week. I found a great balance of exercising during this challenge that I feel like I can keep up with even after the challenge ends and a new one begins in a few months.

My main goal during this challenge was to stay active and give my body the best fuel I could while I train for my marathon. I was feeling confident that I was going to be really well prepared for my race coming up in October. However, a week and a half ago I found out that my marathon was cancelled due to COVID-19. This was going to be a big race for me - I had hopes for running a 3:45 which would cut 15 minutes from my time last year. I was devastated to know that I couldn't run the race. Luckily, I did a little research and I found another race that is still happening...but it's also 5 weeks earlier than the marathon I was planning. That also meant that I only had about 2 1/2 weeks until race day and I was losing those 5 weeks of training. However, because of CSE, I am 15 pounds lighter than when I ran last year, my nutrition is on point, and I feel amazing. So, when I did my 20 mile run during training I felt better than I ever have and I performed well enough to know that I am going to crush my upcoming race. The habits I have formed because of CSE have me at such a great place that I can make a huge change and lose that training and still be able to crush my goal.

I am so thankful that I found CSE because it introduced me to foods that I love and now crave and those foods are such a great source of energy for me while I run. Plus, acid reflux sucks while running...and the fact that I can eat this food and then run an hour later and not get acid reflux is HUGE! It seems like a small thing but it confirms to me that I'm giving my body exactly what it needs. Thank you for the amazing recipes you are constantly coming up with and for all of your involvement with the CSE tribe. It motivates me so much to see other people improving along their journey just like me.

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