November 09, 2020

Jamie's Transformation Feature

Jamie was in need of a change after having her second baby, and when she joined her first CSE challenge in January, she found exactly what she needed. Read on to see how focusing on her "why" gave her the changes she was looking for, inside and outside. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with us, Jamie!

Before I can describe what this summer challenge did for me, I just have to say that CSE is a complete LIFE CHANGER. Back in January, before I even heard of CSE I was feeling pretty low and insecure about myself. I just had my second baby and I was at my highest weight ever. I knew I wanted change but I wasn’t sure where to start. After we learned about CSE, my husband and I decided we needed to be all in or nothing…we definitely chose all in and now we are hooked!

In my first two challenges I saw changes that happened so fast that I didn’t even think they were possible. I lost weight and I started to see muscles that I thought only existed on other people. It was amazing and we started sharing how great CSE is with almost everyone we came in contact with. Right before this summer challenge I was feeling stuck and I was depressed. I was feeling cooped up, I had no goals, and I felt frustrated with my situation pretty much every day. Most days either started or ended in tears. I couldn’t really see a bright side to anything. The summer challenge was something positive to look forward to because I knew that change would come with it. I knew I would have a whole CSE Tribe behind me cheering me on to improve myself. There is something so empowering about the ability to change and push myself along with the support of hundreds of people. I didn’t realize how great those feelings are until I started doing CSE.

So TWICE in my life (so far), CSE has brought me right out of the pits and helped me push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of – LIFE CHANGER! When I started CSE my “why” was focused on weight loss. I wanted to look a certain way so I could feel good about myself. This program absolutely works for weight loss and building muscle! It's kind of incredible!! But my reality is that I plan to have more kids! I won’t be able to have “the perfect body” forever…but that doesn’t mean that I can’t feel good about myself and the way I’m living and the way that I fuel my body. This Summer challenge I wanted to focus on change inside as well as outside. I really wanted to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime and continue to make me feel good. Another one of my realities is that I am not perfect. I didn’t have a “perfect” challenge – I missed workouts and we had a few days when we had to eat out and change our menu plan to survive with our two little boys! BUT I knew the whole time that we have a LIFESTYLE that keeps us healthy and feeling good. And I did my best! I tried and I feel like I accomplished my goal of changing internally more than anything this challenge. I’m never going to be perfect…at anything! But CSE has helped me feel good about myself, the way I fuel my body, the way I take care of myself, and the the way I feed my family. I truly want to say thank you to my husband, Erika and JJ, and the CSE tribe for being so supportive and encouraging. Change becomes easier when there is so much love going around!

This challenge I averaged 3-4 workouts every week. I made sure to do Workout Wednesday every week...killer workouts by the way and so fun to exercise with JJ and Erika! On Mondays and Fridays I did HIIT. If I had time on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I did yoga those mornings. Since I have two little kids that are huge variables right now (sleep time, teething, nursing, etc.) that affected my ability to work out every morning. But I did my best with the circumstances I'm currently in! I feel like this challenge I was more realistic with trying to create a routine that will last after the challenge. Working out every day can't happen right now...but 3-4 times a week is definitely sustainable. So, I'm really happy that I have created a work out routine that can last - as long as Workout Wednesday keeps going!

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