January 25, 2021

Hannah's Transformation Feature!

My first four challenges were about me - healing digestive distress and disease, overcoming depression and anxiety, getting to a healthy weight - all amazing goals. I knew that I had the tools and commitment I needed to continue reaching my goals during the Summer Challenge, and I also knew it was no longer about me. I had seen life-changing success and transformation in my first year of CSE, and I finally had the confidence and ability to set the example and encourage others toward that same success too.

I started honoring my commitments to myself 100% in the Spring Challenge and continued in the Summer - I refuse to quit!!! I decided I would never be limited by my mindset again - where some people say “no one’s perfect” I said “I can do literally anything!” - I had 49 perfect days of meeting my macros, 100+oz water, closing my rings on my apple watch, eating no snack foods, and limiting treats to two Saturdays during the Summer 2020 Challenge. I also kept my streak of my #5MinuteHabit, but increased it: running 10 minutes of stairs every day - no days off, no excuses.

Having my own transformation was amazing, but seeing that transformation multiply is something that is SO incredibly special! 35 people competed a #PerfectDay or #5MinuteHabit to enhance the summer challenge, and knowing they’re taking steps for their health means everything!!! 

As I focused on other people: encouraging them, rooting for them, reminding them to be kind to themselves, I found I was naturally doing those things for myself, too. When I reminded someone they could stick with the challenge without quitting, I had a renewed energy and reminder that I wasn’t quitting either.

It’s no irony that the challenge I wasn’t wrapped up in myself was the challenge I saw the most transformation FOR myself. My digestion was near-perfect, my mental health was clear, I am able to constantly challenge myself to do new things I didn't think I could do, and my body composition is the healthiest it’s ever been. That’s the power of the CSE Tribe - as corny as it sounds: we rise by uplifting others!

More ironically, this is also the challenge that I saw the least quantitative success. I didn’t even lose a full pound (I’m rounding up from .9lbs though ?), but I look and feel SO much healthier and leaner. Thank the Lord for the Clean Simple Eats foundation and mindset: health is a lifelong marathon, not a 7 week sprint. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important, but it’s also important to have non-weight measures of health to stay encouraged and on-course when weight stays stagnant. 

Thank you, JJ & Erika, for teaching and preaching that! The body composition changes I saw in 7 weeks were INCREDIBLE - I’m leaner, healthier, and able to move more. I feel like I lost 20lbs!

This challenge was transformational for me, and, even after 5 challenges, it’s only the beginning! I’m bringing this momentum into the Fall Challenge, and every challenge after that until I’m 70 - let’s go!!!

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