March 30, 2021

Erin's Transformation Feature!

It's been a little over a year since I found Clean Simple Eats. For years I went from eating extremely healthy, and not a lot of carbs, to eating whatever I wanted. I had been considering counting macros, but was overwhelmed by how to calculate and track everything every single day. 

Over Thanksgiving 2019, I found Clean Simple Eats and haven't turned back. My first challenge was Winter 2020, a few months after I had my second pregnancy. I gained more than just baby weight from eating whatever I wanted and not exercising. I physically hurt and didn't recognize myself. 

Through Clean Simple Eats and the Sweat app workouts, I have lost all that weight and then some. The best part is that I have gained a new lifestyle that I don't obsess over what I'm eating. If I fall off track for a little bit, I don't feel guilty, and I jump right back when the time is right. I physically feel better and my body has finally found its "maintenance weight" after years of fluctuating and cutting carbs. 

I'm so proud of myself this past year as our family had a lot of changes, and we moved across the country. Usually this would trigger out of control stress eating, but I continued eating through Clean Simple Eats and now I will never go back!

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