February 03, 2021

Emma's Transformation Feature!

I had 3 babies in 3 years, and it was so hard on my body. I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Since I had become pregnant so quickly after each baby, I was never able to lose the weight I had gained. I remember getting together with friends (after baby #2) and seeing the picture of us after, and just feeling overwhelmed by sadness. I didn’t look like myself and I didn’t feel like I had any time for myself.

I had decided it was up to me to make a change, not anyone else. I found Clean Simple Eats and it’s changed my life! The before pic I attached was from Jan 2017. I was exhausted, but determined to not just endure the challenge, but actually change my lifestyle.

There have been a lot of emotional dilemmas that could be seen as easy ways to lose control in my eating, or just not work out. But I loved how motivating it was to see other people in the CSE challenges also putting in the work and doing their best, and I knew I could too!

My son is on the autism spectrum and needs a lot of assistance. I have to be there with him throughout every day to help him and care for him. I love him and my other boys so much! It can be so exhausting at times. That’s why I think it’s so important that I make time for myself to do my daily workouts. That time gives me strength to take on the day. 

The CSE meals are amazing! They’re sooo easy to make and my family loves every single one! The journal is also such a great way to stay on track and be motivated.I will forever be thankful for the amazing work that Erika and JJ put into their business. Even when I haven’t been able to purchase the newest meal plans, I just pull up one of the older versions and feel so welcome to be part of each challenge. I am 100% sure I could never have lost 50lbs of fat without them. I actually have some muscles for the first time ever! Thank you for this journey!!


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