August 09, 2019

Our Summer 2019 Finalist, Lauren!

Read her story:

Congrats Lauren!

I started this challenge feeling pretty hopeless and discouraged. I got married a year ago this month and at my wedding day I was still overweight and bummed out. I had an amazing day but I knew I didn’t give it my all to look my best. I gained more weight after we got married from eating out and not being careful about what I was putting Into my body. I decided that enough was enough.

This is my third challenge and the first one I have submitted after photos!! The spring challenge I had lost a few pounds but didn’t see the scale change I was hoping for so I didn’t even take after photos and was feeling similarly for this challenge. I lost most of the weight the first few weeks and after that I plateaued for the rest of the challenge so i assume it was water weight loss and didn’t feel that it would even be worth it to take the after pics. Boy was I wrong!! I was blown away by how different I look!!

I feel better physically, I have more energy, my clothes fit better and I’m just getting started! I definitely had to be a lot more aware of the mindless snacking I had gotten used to.

There were so many times I wanted to give up and grab some chips or ice cream but I kept thinking how good it would feel to lose even one more pound. I have a pair of jeans my skinny little sister gave me that I tried on before the challenge and they wouldn’t even zip closed but now I wear them out on our date nights and have an inch of space so they fit like a gem :)

Clean Simple Eats has changed my entire Life! I’ve never thought of myself as a health nut but my hubby and I are now addicted to drinking almond milk (thought he would never admit it to his friends haha!) , we don’t eat popcorn when we go to movies (we take our power bites) and we feel so much better! I never knew how being healthy could change not only my physical health, but emotional and mental as well!! Thank you CSE!

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