August 09, 2019

Our Summer 2019 Finalist, Bre!

Read her story:

Congrats Bre!

I’ve always been really insecure about my weight growing up. I’ve never loved the way I looked, I’d become so insecure at times I would hide myself in pictures or even become really upset in how I looked compared to other people. I have always wanted to eat healthy but didn’t know how to start or what food would be appealing to me. I never knew how to measure our foods or be able to portion out my servings. The biggest thing for me is no matter how hard I would try before I started this challenge I would always be hungry or I would lose weight just to watch it come back. Doing this challenge has taught me that I don’t need to stop eating certain things, I just needed to portion it out. I absolutely loved this challenge, I was never really hungry which was a huge bonus for me. Before I would eat and my stomach would be so full that I would either feel sick cause I ate way to much or I just felt to lazy to do anything. Now I’m full to wear I feel good and I have the energy to go out. It has really opened my eyes that eating healthy isn’t hard. I’ve become more confident in who I am and how I look. I didn’t lose as much as I was hoping but I am happy with how my journey is starting with my boost in confidence and my appearance. I love the confidence I am gaining I’ve never felt more happy in myself in a long time, I’m so happy I took on this challenge because I love who I am becoming.

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