Snickers Power Bites


One of the two new recipes coming to the Fall 2019 Meal Plan!! (and yes we’re teasing you with a new protein powder that will be released this September 13th!)

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Snickers Power Bites

Makes 28 servings

100-110 calories per serving

macros with the cocoa dusting: 100 calories / 5F / 10.5C / 4P per serving

macros with the chocolate coating: 110 calories / 5.5F / 11C / 4P / per serving



  • 1 cup natural, crunchy peanut butter

  • 1⁄2 cup raw honey

  • 1 serving CSE Caramel Toffee Protein Powder (coming soon!)

  • 1⁄2 tsp. vanilla extract

  • Dash of sea salt

  • 1 1⁄2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats

Cocoa Dusting:

  • 1⁄4 cup cocoa powder

Chocolate Coating:

  • 120g dark chocolate chips


1. Add all the ingredients to a large bowl and mix until well combined.

2. Using a small cookie scoop, scoop into balls.

3. If using the Cocoa Dusting method: Add the cocoa powder to a bowl and roll each ball into it. Place in a container and store in the fridge or freezer.

3. If using the Chocolate Coating method: Add the chocolate chips to a microwave safe bowl. Microwave in 30 second increments, stirring after each one, until melted and smooth.

4. Roll each ball in the chocolate coating and scoop out using a fork or slotted spoon. Tap on bowl to remove excess chocolate then place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Place in the fridge or freezer to allow the chocolate coating to set. Transfer to a container and store in the fridge or freezer.

Erika Peterson