April 11, 2019

Our Top 10 Ways to Stay On Track During The Weekend

Happy Friday, CSE Squad! Don’t give up on Friday just because it’s the end of a long week and you’re tired and your groceries are running low....and AND! AND! The list of excuses for why you could get off track could go on and on (don’t I know it!). Here are 10 tips to set yourself up for a winning weekend!

#1 - Meal prep before the weekend

Having simple snacks and cooked protein on hand will be key to staying on track! If you are invited to an event, offer to bring a protein-packed dish to share.

#2 - Plan your workout

I always will schedule my workouts in advance so I’m not tempted to skip them or let life get in the way! Even a 20-30 minute HIIT helps get your metabolism going.

#3 - Repeat a recipe that you love

Maybe your favorite burger or pizza! I’m all about those weekend vibes! That’s why all the CSE entrees are interchangeable, so you can eat any meal and still stay on track.

#4 - Use our Fast Food Guide

If you’re going to dine out, use our Fast Food Guide for some macro-friendly items or look up the restaurant menu ahead of time and decide what you’re going to order.

#5 - Eat something on plan before dining out

Speaking of eating out, if you are going out for lunch or dinner, it’s WAY better to eat out if you eat something before that’s “on plan.” Start your morning with a shake or finish your last salad jar so you don’t show up to a restaurant starving.

#6 - Invite people over

Have people over instead of going out. Cook something on plan and show them that eating healthy can be DELICIOUS! It takes the pressure off of making hard food choices at a restaurant where you can’t control what’s on the menu.

#7 Avoid trigger foods

Replace your cravings with a protein-packed snack from the meal plan. Something sweet? Have a protein shake, yogurt bowl or mug cake. Something salty? Make the Chips & Cheesy Chile Dip or Air Fryer Chips & Salsa. 🤤

#8 - Drink plenty of water

Stay hydrated! We recommend getting at least ½ your body weight in ounces of water everyday. Try adding vanilla stevia drops & lime juice, True Lemon lemonade packs or our Super Berry Mix and Super Collagen Mix to your water to help get in those ounces!

#9 - Jump back on plan

Don’t let an indulgent meal turn into an indulgent day or week. Enjoy your meal out and then be prepared to get right back on plan for your next meal. You’ve got this!

#10 - Everything in moderation

If you’re going out to eat, try to keep your meal within your TDEE (download our CSE app and set the deficit to maintenance to find this #)

How do you stay on track during the weekends? Even if you fell off the plan this week— just remember, YOU GOT THIS! #CSEchallenge

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