February 28, 2023

Natural Sweeteners & Flavors

You don’t need to worry about the natural sweeteners in our products! We’ve gotten quite a few questions about the Monk Fruit we use in light of a recent news article. I’m popping in to give you the low-down on the Monk Fruit, Stevia, and Xylitol we use in our top-of-the-line, clean-ingredient, all-natural products! We will continue to stay on top of emerging studies and are always reformulating products in response to new data. We are dedicated to providing the cleanest products on the market.❤️ 

Our Monk Fruit is a 20% extract from the whole fruit. It is brown in color. The remaining non-active is the actual fruit from which the extract is derived. No other added items. Popular marketed Monk fruit is actually 70% Erythritol or more (which will be listed on the label). The FDA has been issuing warnings based on this false or misleading information on some popular products. We *do not* use name brands that are made up of such mixtures! We claim EVERY ingredient on our product labels. 

Our Stevia is 98% pure leaf extract. The other 2% of the product is the actual leaf from which the extract is derived. No other added items.

Our Xylitol comes from Birch Trees and is a non-irritating form. This is stated on the nutrition label in a clear format. Some Xylitol is created from corn. We stay away from those brands.

We don’t use sugar in our products because it has more calories, raises blood glucose, and makes it more difficult to manage weight. None of our sweeteners are artificial, and we use a combination of the above to provide the perfect balance of sweetness without any bitterness or weird flavors.

While we’re on this subject, a note about our natural flavors! Our natural flavors are just plant extracts, for flavor. That term can get a bad rap (sometimes rightly so), but our natural flavors are truly just an extract or juice from a plant (vanilla, cacao, banana, strawberry, peanut, lime, and many others), sprayed on a non-GMO potato substrate, then dried so we can use them in our powdered mixes. We are ultra passionate about the quality of our ingredients and we will never use anything synthetic or inferior in our products!

Lastly, if you’re a dog lover, you don’t need to worry about the small amount of xylitol in our powdered products being a danger to your pet(s)! We’ve spoken with emergency vet clinics about our xylitol formulation and they confirmed that because we use such a small amount (only ~3g per serving) it is not a concern for dogs.

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