March 23, 2022

Food Storage

Let’s talk food storage! We like to store foods that we ACTUALLY use, cycling through and replenishing them as needed. Our family wouldn’t survive a day on cracked wheat and dried beans! 😉😳 Here’s a checklist of our must-have food storage items:

Honey: the only food on the planet that will NEVER go bad! Perfect for food storage!

Oats: we could live happily off oatmeal for the rest of forever! Mix with water and boom, you’ve got a meal.

Nut butter: can we say DENSE nutrition?! Nut butters are packed with healthy calories and can be eaten straight from the jar! *cough cough* we see you OffBeat Butters. 🤤 These do have a shorter shelf life though, so make sure to rotate these out every 6 months. 

Protein powder: 2+ year shelf life! This is such an important nutrient to have on hand and who else couldn’t live without a little Brownie Batter or Simply Vanilla in their life?! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋👀 Just shake it up in some water and you’re G2G or make a meal out of it by combining your oats, nut butter and protein powder together with water or almond milk!

Almond milk: we buy the shelf-stable almond milks from Costco for our food storage. 

Supplements: micronutrients are just as important as macros! Having a greens powder, super berry mix, omegas, and gut health supplements like digestive enzymes and probiotics are key in our eyes in keeping your digestive and immune systems strong! 💪 Good thing we’ve got all of those covered for you. 😏

Other Essentials:

WATER!: you’ve got 3 days to live without it. Water is on the VIP list. We have a 250-gallon water drum that we store in our garage in case of emergency.

Water filter: having the ability to turn natural water sources into clean drinking water is a must.

Canned/dry goods: think of foods that you often see in CSE recipes: beans, diced tomatoes, corn, pasta, pasta sauce, CSE Protein Pancake + Waffle Mix, tuna, salmon, chicken. It's great to have extras on hand!

A year’s supply of long-term food storage: freeze-dried meals that have a 20-30 year shelf life will offer peace of mind in times of need. Get one for every member of your family. At least a 3-month supply, bonus points for a year + supply! 

Toilet paper: because 💩 happens.

72 hour kits: We have a backpack for every person in the family. If we needed to leave the house in a hurry for whatever reason, these would give us supplies to use for a few days. Here are some ideas: granola bars, beef jerky, tuna packets, fruit leather, protein stick packs, OffBeat Butter stick packs, oatmeal packet, water bottles, flash lights, lighters, matches, emergency blankets, hand warmers, first aid kit, toilet paper, wipes, feminine hygiene products, diapers (if applicable). You can also add extra pairs of socks, gloves and beanies. Whatever you think your family would eat or use could go in these packs. Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to check these items and switch them out every 6 months, so they don’t expire. 😉 

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