March Madness Bevvy Bracket Tournament

2023 Clean Simple Eats Bevvy Bracket

In honor of March Madness, we are hosting our very own ANNUAL MARCH MADNESS BEVVY BRACKET TOURNAMENT!! 

You may be wondering, what’s a bevvy? A bevvy is any CSE drink or shake recipe you create using at least one of our products! This is the ultimate bevvy competition and the prize is well worth your submission. Winner of the tournament will win FREE CSE FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!!* It doesn’t get any better than that!

Every March, we’ll choose our favorite 16 recipes to compete in the Bevvy Bracket. Every day starting mid-March, we’ll host a new matchup that YOU will vote on over @cleansimpleeats on IG. It’s time to start getting creative in the kitchen! May the best bevvy recipe win! GOOD LUCK!

*$2,400 value