May 18, 2021

Vacation Tips

You guys are always asking us how we eat on vacation and we are spilling it all! With summer around the corner, this is the PERFECT time to plan ahead, so you can enjoy your trip and still make healthy choices. Don’t let your lifestyle habits go while on vacation; bring them with you! Here’s 5 tips to help you CSE while traveling and 4 tips to help you get back on track post travel! Possibly the most important takeaways: make some awesome memories and give yourself grace! 😊

On Vacay: 

  1. Have a plan before you go. Plan when you’re going to eat and where you’re going to splurge. Plan out what snacks and meals you can pack with you. No matter where we travel, we always pack our CSE essentials (that’s Protein Powder, CSE Flavored Nut Butter, and of course, supplements). That way we can guarantee at least a healthy breakfast and one protein shake every day.
  2. Always get a workout in. Go to the gym or workout outside. Vacation workouts are the best! Go on a hike, play in the ocean; just find a way to stay active! If you’re going to lay at the pool all day, great! Get a workout first thing in the morning, then enjoy! 
  3. Prioritize protein. Especially when dining out, choose a lean protein and plan your plate around that. Pack or buy protein-packed snacks like protein powder, protein bars, beef jerky, protein chips or Greek yogurt cups. 
  4. Stock up on good-for-you snacks. Pack healthy, low-calorie snacks for your travel days. If you can, go to the grocery store when you arrive and grab fresh veggies and fruits, so you can avoid racking up extra calories. Save those calories for your splurge meals that are really worth it (rather than snacking on potato chips all day). Our go-to low-cal vacay snacks are baby carrots, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, berries, apples and air-popped popcorn. These options will fill you up while satisfying that craving to mindlessly or socially snack. Fun low-calorie drinks help too! 
  5. Get in your water. Pack your water bottle and fill it up on the go. Staying hydrated curbs appetite cravings, reduces water retention, and helps you feel good. Our insulated CSE blender bottles are great to keep your water cold all day. You can also buy a big pack of water bottles when you arrive and keep them in your fridge or car. 

Post Vacay: 

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink 100 ounces a day to help fuel your body.
  2. Hit 3 perfect days. Reign it in and reset. Plan out three perfect days of healthy, balanced, macro-friendly meals. Choose your meals and what macros you want to hit, and hit three perfect days to get back on track. You’ll feel so good after it will make you want to keep on going! *This does not mean restricting your calories to any sort of extreme. That will only cause a binge cycle. Keep it nice and moderate. 
  3. Add some extra cardio to your routine. For that first week back, add an extra 20-30 minutes of cardio each day to help you get back to your pre-vacay self.
  4. Give yourself grace. You’re not gonna bounce back in a day. Don’t be so hard on yourself! It might take a week or two to feel back to normal, and that’s okay. 
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