March 30, 2020

Stay Home Bucket List

This past week we asked you guys what your favorite family-friendly, at-home activities were and we got SO MANY awesome responses! We just *had* to round them up for you! We’re calling this our official “stay home” bucket list! We hope this gives you parents some good ideas to try out over the next month!

  • We have made cleaning into a game. You earn electronic time the more you help out!
  • We’ve been baking up a storm. The kids love it although it hasn’t been great for my waistline.
  • Step by step drawing on YouTube. From 4 to 13 were entertained!
  • We created an obstacle course in our basement, a great way to get some wiggles out. The kids wanted to go again and again.
  • I just started setting up FaceTime sessions for my kids with her cousins.
  • My kids have been crafting ALL DAY. They’ve been pulling boxes and toilet paper rolls out of the recycling to turn them into animals and houses!
  • Family workouts
  • Turn music on during dinner, without fail, it will turn into a full-on dance party... kids dancing on the table and all. 
  • Heat rocks in the oven and then color them with crayons that melt onto it. Leave them at the end of your driveway with a note for people out walking!
  • Family kickball games!
  • Meditation and finding ways to “Be Still” amidst the chaos.
  • We have been making chalk art with positive messages in our driveway for neighbors to see.
  • Trivia!!! Easy and doesn’t require much besides some Trivial Pursuit cards!
  • The game on Amazon called Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza! It's the silliest game, it never gets old! So fun!
  • Roadside clean up! We get out of the house, do a little service and help beautify our planet!
  • Have a Disneyland day! Watch the Disneyland ride videos on YouTube, eat Disneyland inspired food, put on your Disney tee shirts, recreate the Disneyland rides!
  • The old classic “building a fort” never fails us!
  • Indoor corn hole
  • Board games and card games! Phase 10, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, Jenga, Clue, Farkle, Charades, Spot It, Uno, Monopoly Deal, etc.
  • Human ring toss with hula hoops and inner tubes
  • Bowling with water bottles as the pins
  • Cupcake decorating contest
  • Stop motion videos with legos or clay
  • Art For Kids Hub on YouTube
  • Get outside! Walk the dog, ride bikes, skateboarding, hikes, family kickball.
  • We have a treasure chest filled with some fun little toys and activities. The kids can earn tokens when they clean, do something nice or exercise. They can use their tokens to buy things from the treasure chest!
  • Easter egg hunt around the house. Have the kids take turns hiding the eggs. Put a fun prize in one of the eggs.
  • Make a treasure map of the neighborhood and leave a treat in the X marks the spot. Leave the map on the neighbor's doorstep and they can go find the treat!
  • Long bubble baths for the kids! Give them popsicles and tub toys!
  • Teaching the kids some new life skills! Cooking, laundry, how to jump a car battery, change a bike tire, etc.
  • Perler beads, bracelet making, homemade play dough, shrink-a-dinks, playing with legos, pop beads.
  • Playing with toys in the bathroom sink!
  • Writing and mailing letters to friends and cousins! Decorate them with fun markers and stickers!
  • A movie night! Set a day and time. Make movie tickets and give them to each family member. Make popcorn as a family and buy some fun movie night candy/drinks. Have a kid work the concession stand taking orders for candy, popcorn or soda!
  • Adult dot to dot books, paint by number, puzzles, origami for kids, dry erase markers on the windows, sidewalk chalk, painting rocks they find outside.
  • Go Noodle or Cosmic Yoga on YouTube! My kids even love the High Fitness YouTube class or live streams.
  • Circle Round Podcast 20-minute storytelling with coloring pages that go with each story!
  • Set up a tent in the yard or family room and pretend you're camping! Bring in stuffed animals and have picnics!
  • Blindfolded makeovers! My kids loved putting makeup on my husband while they were blindfolded!
  • Salon day! Pedicures and manicures!
  • Baking/cooking as a family
  • Karaoke night
  • FaceTime/Zoom calls with friends, family, teachers, and classmates
  • Family talent show
  • Street soccer
  • Gifts and obstacle courses
  • Trying out new hikes
  • Sleepovers in the family room
  • Scavenger hunt outside or around the house
  • Cincinnati Zoo does a live video on Facebook each day at noon PST and teaches you about a new animal!
  • Buy a new puppy! That has kept us entertained!
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