Energy and Hydrate Drink Mixes

Energy and Hydrate Drink Mixes

We are pretty passionate when it comes to hydration. That's why we created our newest products, HYDRATE and ENERGY.  Supercharge your morning/workout/day with natural caffeine from ENERGY and grab an H2O boost with natural electrolytes and trace minerals from HYDRATE. 

"Elevating your health can be simple and delicious. HYDRATE and ENERGY are perfect for anyone that wants to boost their performance and we’re thrilled that our mouthwatering flavors make them so easy to enjoy.”  

- Erika Peterson 

"Consuming electrolytes and water before, during & after exercise has been shown to have the biggest impact on performance compared to any other strategy. Being properly hydrated increases the time to exhaustion, increases the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilize during exercise, and decreases the risk of muscle cramps."    

- JJ Peterson 


Getting our H20 every day is a must, but sometimes that's just not enough. That's why our new Hydrate Drink Mix includes: 

  • natural electrolytes (from real coconut or watermelon)
  • trace minerals
  • BCAAs 

Add one serving of any mouthwatering Hydrate flavor into 16-20 oz of water to help boost hydration levels and aid in muscle recovery.


But first, ENERGY! Sometimes we just need a little pick-me-up; that's why our new ENERGY Drink Mix includes:

  • natural electrolytes (from real coconut or watermelon)
  • B vitamins
  • 100mg of natural caffeine

Add one serving of any mouthwatering Energy flavor into 8-12 oz of water to increase your performance, intensity and mood - before your workout or anytime you need an energy boost!

We created five delicious flavors for an extra burst of goodness in both products:

Coconut Lime 
This creamy Coconut Lime flave will transport your taste buds to a better place. Is it tropical? Refreshing? Slightly sweet? Yep, yep, and yep–checks all the boxes. 

Sour Cherry 
Because sometimes we prefer sour to sweet, especially when it comes to cherry. Facts are facts. Tart and bursting with cherry flavor; trust us, this will be your new go-to.

Strawberry Watermelon 
Is there anything more summery than strawberries–or watermelon? We think not. Channel all of the summer vibes year-round with this tart-sweet Strawberry Watermelon flave.

Sweet Kiwi 
Kiwi is unique, yet one of our favorite fruits! We added a sweet creamy spin–it's positively refreshing.


Hawaiian Sunrise
An excuse to pretend you’re on vacation. Bursting with tropical vibes, this has a light orange juice flavor with notes of guava and passion fruit; sink your toes in the sand, watch the sunrise, and sip your way to Hawaii.

Check out this post for answers to a few of our most FAQ's!

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