May 30, 2023

Ingredient Household Snacks

Did anyone else grow up in an "Ingredient Household"? 😂🙋🏼‍♀️ I did for sure! And have since implemented it in my own home with my own family, whether they like it or not! 😆 For those of you that don't know what an "Ingredient Household" is, it's a home that has little to no ready-to-eat foods or snacks, just the ingredients to make food. 😉😬

Some snacks I lived off of growing up in an “Ingredient Household” were: all the toast combos (pb toast, cinnamon toast, honey toast, jam toast), cereal, yogurt with toppings, wraps, crackers with cheese, and sandwiches! I’m leveling up these traditional snack ideas with a healthier, protein-packed, CSE spin for ya!


Cinnamon Bun-ana Toast

Makes 1 serving 
230 calories / 8.5F / 31C / 7.5P 

1 slice Harper's Bran or Ezekiel Bread 
1 Tbs. OffBeat Cinnamon Bun Butter or almond butter 
30g bananas 
1 tsp. raw honey
1 tsp. chia seeds

1. Toast the bread. 

2. Spread the nut butter over the toast. Slice the bananas. Top the toast with banana slices, honey, and chia seeds. 

Muddy Buddy Cereal

Makes 1 serving
395 calories / 13F / 45C / 25P 

3/4 cup Kashi Go Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal
1/2 serving (17g) CSE Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Powder
1 Tbs. OffBeat Powdered Peanut Butter
1/2-2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
25g sliced bananas
5g mini chocolate chips

1. Add the cereal, protein powder and powdered peanut butter to a bowl. Stir until the cereal is well coated.

2. Pour milk over the top. Add the bananas and chocolate chips. Enjoy!


Peach Raspberry Fluff Yogurt Bowl

Makes 1 serving 
220 calories / 2F / 23C / 27.5P 

170g non-fat, plain Greek yofurt 
17g CSE Peaches & Cream Protein Powder 
75g frozen raspberries 
4 Tbs. spray whipped cream 

1. Add yogurt and protein to a bowl and mix well. Stir in raspberries and top with whipped cream. 

Optional (not included in macros): Add a drizzle of OffBeat Aloha Butter over the top of the frozen raspberries for a candy shell experience. 


Turkey Roll-Ups

Makes 1 serving
230 calories / 8F / 21C / 20P 

1/2 cucumber 
1 string cheese stick 
2 oz. nitrate-free deli turkey 
1 Tbs. Dijon mustard 
1/2 cup spinach 
Dash black pepper 
1/2 cup fresh berries  

1. Slice the cucumber lengthwise into thin strips; set aside. Cut string cheese into four long strips; set aside. 

2. Lay the deli turkey out to create four "roll-ups." Spread mustard on turkey. Divide the spinach, cucumbers, cheese and seasonings of your choice evenly between the turkey slices. Starting at the edge, roll cheese and veggies together tightly inside the deli turkey. Enjoy berries on the side.  

Cheese, Crackers, and Turkey Snack

Makes 1 serving 

245 calories / 9.5F / 21C / 19P 

12 Simple Mills Farmhouse Cheddar Almond Flour Crackers 
1 3/4 oz. deli turkey 
1 Mini Babybel light cheese 
1 Clementine orange

1. Sandwich pieces of the turkey and cheese between the crackers. Enjoy orange on the side. 

Find more ingredient-only snacks in the CSE+ App!


Use any bread you have on hand:

PB Toast & Eggs

Banana & Honey Panini

Grown-Up OffBeat & Jelly

Air Fryer Stuffed French Toast

Cinnamon Waffled French Toast

Classic Turkey & Cheddar Sandwich


Use any cereal you have on hand:

Chocolate PB Dream Cereal

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bowl 

Yogurt bowl

Use any protein powder and Greek yogurt you have on hand:

Banana Cream Pie Parfait


Use any wraps/tortillas you have on hand: 

Chicken Snack Wrap (use canned chicken)

Waldorf Chicken Salad (use canned chicken)

BBQ Chicken Pizza (use canned chicken)

Quick snacks:

Tuna Salad Dip (use any crackers and canned tuna)

Energizing Grab Snack (use any string cheese)

Protein Quick Snack (use any string cheese and turkey jerky)

Open-Faced Turkey & Veggie Sandwich (use any rice cakes)

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