Ideal Nutrient Timing - When To Eat What

We get so many questions about when to eat and what time is best to workout.

Do I eat before my workout?

If I eat at night will that make me gain weight?

Are morning workouts more effective?

Everybody’s day is different, but here’s a look into our day.

There’s no real science to support an ideal time of day to workout. Whenever you feel you have the most energy is best! Mornings have always been our preferred time of day to weight life or get in our more intense workouts. It’s a great way to jumpstart your metabolism and kick off a new day. Morning workouts really set the tone for our day and encourage healthy choices throughout.

Ideal nutrient timing after a workout for us is 30-45 minutes. We recommend some fast absorbing protein like our CSE whey isolate protein plus some healthy carbs to help you recover. Any of our Post-Workout shakes found in the CSE+ app or in our CSE meal plans would be the perfect fit!

When it comes to ideal time for meals and snacks, again, it depends on your lifestyle and work schedule. You can eat any time of the day as long as you are sticking to your calories/macros in a 24-hour window. It doesn’t matter if you eat at 6am or 10pm; as long as it’s in that 24-hour window, you will get the same results. We do recommend giving your digestive system a little break from eating every day, 10-12 hours is plenty. If you’re intermittent fasting, we recommend 14-16 hours. For example, to get a 12-hour fasting window, you would eat dinner at 6pm and then not eat again until 6 am. It doesn’t matter the hours you choose to fast, but giving your body a little break from eating has so many benefits!

There is no science to back up whether eating before a workout or doing a fasted workout is more effective. If you workout early in the morning, like we do, it might feel better to workout on minimal calories. If you are working out later in the day, we suggest that you don’t eat a big meal right before you head to the gym. Give your body an hour or two to digest before getting in that sweat sesh! If you are trying to build muscle, we recommend bookending your workouts with a good amount of protein (20-30 grams) before & after your weight lifting session. Our power bites also make a great pre-workout treat if you just need some energy for your workout. Play around with these recommendations and see what works and feels best to you.

Erika’s daily nutrition/exercise routine:

6:00am: wake up + get dressed for workout

6:00am: 8 oz. water + CSE protein powder (shake, shake, shake) drink before workout 

  • lots of water during workout

6:30am: workout - usually a mix of strength training and cardio or HIIT

8:00am: CSE post-workout shake (usually 20-30g carbs, 20-30g protein, under 5g fat)

10am: CSE breakfast

12:00pm: CSE lunch

2:30pm: CSE snack

5:00-6:00pm: CSE dinner

7-8pm: 20-30 minute walk, bike ride, or another low-intensity activity

I try to get in about 100 oz. of water per day.

JJ’s daily routine:

6:00am wake up

6:15am: CSE Hustle Pre-Workout

6:30am: hit the gym

8:00am: CSE Post Workout Shake (1 serving)

9:30am: CSE breakfast (2 servings)

10:30am: CSE snack (1 serving)

12:00pm: CSE lunch (2 servings)

2:30pm: 3 CSE Power Bites

5:00-6:00pm: CSE dinner (2 servings)