Home Gym Tour

Home Gym Tour

We’re so excited to share our home gym tour with you! Our best advice when creating your home gym - make sure whatever you put in fits your style of training and your lifestyle! We’ve linked up everything below, and you can watch the video walkthrough we did. Our gym is 550 square feet with 9 foot ceilings. We hope you enjoy the tour!

TRX GO Suspension Trainer System

TRX Training - X-Mount

TRX Training RIP Trainer Basic Kit

TRX Training Kettlebell

TRX Soft Impact Plyo Boxes (we have 2 12 inch and stack to get 24 inches)

TRX Dead Balls / Slam Balls

If you want to take advantage of our relationship with TRX, our friends over there are ready to help you out with your custom order and offer our CSE Tribe 25% off all TRX Gear (valid through April 31st 2019) - Please email: sales@trxtraining.com and reference Clean Simple Eats. In your email please advise on what state you live in so the appropriate TRX sales rep can reach out and place your order.

Hammer Strength HD Elite Rack

Aeromat Elite Adjustable Mat Hanging Rack


Battle Rope Anchors

Battle Ropes  

Life Fitness Cable Crossover Machine

Marcy Workout Bench

Hex Dumbbells

Dumbbell rack

Proform Pro 5000 ifit Treadmill - We love the bluetooth capabilities and that this comes with 50 built in workouts. We don’t run a lot of mileage on treadmill, but when it’s snowy in Utah, outdoor running isn’t always a possibility for us. We also love the one touch buttons (1 touch grades and speeds). This one works great for us, was a little less expensive, and we don’t run distance. Folds up easily. Purchased from Scheels. If you run distance, we recommend the X11i (an incline trainer that goes up to 40% grade).

Wall Balls (we have 14 and 20 lb)

Concept 2 Rower


Water Fountain

Mirror - Murray Glass - (801)262-3364

Brick wall - Brian Forsyth: (801) 891-7093

Fans - Tyson Laford - Hansen Lighting: (801)787-5781

PLAE Rubber Flooring - 3/4 in thick rubber / Ryan Taylor - Advanced Exercise: (801)510-4419

Sonos Sound System (Speakers) - Big Sky AV - Sam: (801)860-3306 (We have 4 speakers in our gym. We love it because you can use the system with Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music). DJ Snake Radio is Erika’s playlist ;)


  • Our gym has 9 ft. ceilings and it works great. We would have loved higher but we were limited when building our house (but it allows us to do everything we need overhead, jump roping, etc.).

  • Our kids are allowed to workout in the gym!

  • We love the Tabata Pro app for timing our workouts

  • Erika’s hat is from lululemon athletica

  • JJ’s hat is from Clean Simple Eats

  • JJ’s pants are from H&M