December 15, 2021

Holiday Charcuterie Board

I’m spilling all of the secrets on how to put together the perfect charcuterie board for all of your holiday gatherings! I made this board for Christmas brunch last year, and it was a HUGE hit with the fam, so I'm definitely making it again this year! It would also make for a great New Year’s Eve appetizer, too! Enjoy! 

Here’s what you’ll do:

1. You’ll need a board! Any shape or size will do! This large tray is from West Elm. It’s huge and easy to transport since it has handles and edges. I like to add parchment paper on the bottom for easy clean up!

2. Start with bowls! Space your bowls and containers out around your board. Choose spreads, dips, nuts or pickles. Our favorites: spicy mustard, fig spreads, salted cashews or pistachios, candied pecans, black olives and tiny dill pickles. It’s nice to have both salty and sweet options for variety in all areas on your board.

3. Add a variety of cheeses! Sliced, cubed, hard and soft add variety and color to your board. Our favorites: sliced white cheddar or Havarti, cubed sharp cheddar, sliced Gouda cheese wheel, Brie or Boursin for soft cheese options.

4. Add the crackers! Our favorites: Triscuits and Keebler Toasted Round Crackers. Any kind of entertainment type cracker will do!

5. Add the meats! Our favorites: any type of salami or pepperoni. You don’t need as much meat as you think. The smaller slices are more popular.

6. Add the fruit! Our favorites: apple slices, grapes and berries.

7. Add the finishing touches! Dried cranberries work great to fill extra holes and make a pretty garnish. Add small spoons or small knives to all the spreads and soft cheeses. That’s it!!

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