September 05, 2019

Clean Simple Eats Insider’s Guide to Disneyland

As you probably already know, Disneyland is one of our favorite places EVER. I know from your comments/questions you guys love it too! So today, we’re here to answer the ultimate question, “What do you eat at Disneyland?”

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We can’t wait to share all our favorite spots with you for healthy items + not so healthy items that we've enjoyed on our visits to the happiest place on earth! Enjoy!!

I thought I’d share the healthy items + not so healthy items that we enjoyed on our trip for those of you that will be traveling there soon!


1. Tortilla Jo’s in Downtown Disney: Tableside Guac is a must. I also always order the Fajita Fiesta with chicken. 

Tortilla Jo’s

2. California Adventure, Studio Catering Company: Space Outpost Tacos in Hollywood Land. These are tiny, but a great protein-packed snack. 

 Street tacos in California Adventure Street tacos in California Adventure 

3. Disneyland, Bengal Barbecue: Outback Veggie Skewer + Chieftain Chicken Skewer is my go-to. The Poke bowl (without the fried wontons), Hummus Trio, Safari Skewers and Beef Skewers are also a great option.

 Bengal Barbecue Bengal Barbecue 

4. Disneyland, French Market: New Orlean Salad, dressing on the side or French Market Chicken (comes with roasted veggies + potatoes).

 French Market

French Market 

5. Disneyland, Jolly Holiday: Great salads and sandwiches. 

Fave treats here: 

  • Raspberry Rose Mickey Macaron

  • Matterhorn Macaroon

  • Gingerbread Boy cookie (Christmas)

 Gingerbread Boy Cookie

6. Disneyland, Rancho Del Zocalo: Hacienda Caesar Salad, dressing on side no tortilla strips. More favorites:

  • Citrus Fire-grilled Chicken

  • Trio of Street Tacos

  • Tostada Salad with Chicken (no sour cream, dressing on the side, go easy on the taco shell)

 Tortilla Joe’s Rancho Del Zocalo 

7. Check out the Tropical imports located in Adventure Land (and other fruit stands around the park): You can get healthy options of fresh fruit, pickles, pretzels and hummus, overnight oats, baby bell cheeses and coconut waters. 

 Hummus Trio Hummus Trio 

8. Disneyland, Refreshment Corner: Hearty Chili (Go easy on the sourdough bread bowl). Love eating this in the colder months while waiting for the night parade to start. 


Disneyland Tiki Juice Bar: Dole whip

Disneyland, Jolly Holiday: gingerbread man cookies, Matterhorn Macaroon, and the Raspberry Rose Macaron

Disneyland, Refreshment Corner: Cream cheese stuffed pretzel

Disneyland, Mint Julep Bar: Mickey shaped beignets + hot chocolate 

California Adventure, Cozy Cone: churro + caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream cones

California Adventure, Neighborhood Bakery (the cookie cart by Incredicoaster!) Jack-Jack’s Cookie Num Nums

Churro Carts, both parks: churros 

 Matterhorn macaroon Matterhorn Macaroon

 Jack-Jack’s Cookie Num Nums, in California Adventure, Neighborhood Bakery (the cookie cart by Incredicoaster!) Jack-Jack’s Cookie Num Nums, in California Adventure, Neighborhood Bakery (the cookie cart by Incredicoaster!)

 Disneyland Disneyland

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