February 27, 2023

A Protein for Every Mood

Feeling down? Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder. Feeling happy? Protein Powder. Annoyed? Protein Powder. 

You know what would pair extremely well with all those feelings? Protein Powder. No matter your mood, we have a delicious protein flavor to match.

When you're feeling dreamy, Cotton Candy. 😶‍🌫️

Cotton Candy is sweet and whimsical, just like carefree days spent playing outside or endless summer nights wandering the neighborhood. Peak sweetness with a hint of nostalgia.


Feel like celebrating? 🥳 Cake Batter! 

Cake Batter is fun, festive, and always ready to party! Sweet and naturally upbeat, Cake Batter is THE hype girl, ready to celebrate life’s big and small moments. (You can bet we’re adding sprinkles, too.)


When you’re feeling moody, Cookies 'N Cream. 😐

Cookies 'N Cream is the perfect mix of chocolate and vanilla to combat the good, the bad, the ugly (and all those in-between emotions). Get into it.


Feeling adventurous? 🤠 S'mores.

S'mores Protein Powder is for when you crave that marshmallow-y/chocolate-y magic, but don’t feel like camping. We see you. Let that wild-and-free spirit out.


Need to chill? 🫠 Simply Vanilla.

Simply Vanilla offers a relaxing escape–just like your go-to pair of sweats, cozy blanket, or favorite TV friends. Take a minute to unwind with each smooth and creamy sip. 


Feeling cheerful? 😊 Coconut Cream.

Coconut Cream oozes optimism and embraces that OOO attitude. Creamy, dreamy, and just a little nutty, Coconut Cream is guaranteed to serve up that sunshine year-round.


When you're feeling excited, Maple Donut. 🤩

Maple Donut is for the playful and perpetually curious kid-at-heart. Over-the-top mapley sweetness meets three-day-weekend energy. It’s a vibe. 


Feeling stressed? 😬 Chocolate Brownie Batter. 

Chocolate Brownie Batter is all about “to me, from me” self-love. Here to alleviate all your stress—like a rich and fudgy brownie coated in chocolate. Sip the stress away.


Feeling dramatic? 😎 Vanilla Cola. 

Vanilla Cola has main character energy and classic charm. A healthy soda alternative with added drama (hellooo vanilla) for when you want to stand out and be the star that you are.


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