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The Clean Simple Eats Meal Plan was created for the foodie in all of us! The 90+ recipes found in these pages are not only delicious and simple, but they are family-friendly and macro-friendly. You do not have to eat bland and boring meals to reach your goals. Using recipes that actually taste good will help you to create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family; it's not a quick fix. I have created comfort food recipes with produce that is in season so you can "have your cake and eat it too". Included in these meal plans are weekly menu planners, weekly shopping lists, nutrition information (macros) for each recipe, a food prep guide, a suggested bulk prep list, a week of workouts, a macro-friendly fast food guide, information about macros and how to customize your to fit your body and of course, mouth watering recipes complete with beautiful photos. Laid out in a cookbook style, you can use the menu planner as I suggest or you can simply use this book as a cookbook and work through it at your own pace picking and choosing the recipes that look the best to you. Every dinner makes 4 servings as well as some of the breakfasts. All snacks and other breakfasts are made to serve one. Thank you for your interest in my books, I truly hope that you love them as much as we do! Thank you for your support!

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For a list of ingredient substitutions if you have allergies or dietary restrictions, please view our swaps list HERE.

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Starting this season we will no longer be offering the digital copy as a free bonus to the purchase of a physical copy. The physical and digital will be sold separately. Due to the large amount of theft and sharing of the digital copy, and unauthorized printing of the digital copy, we have moved away from offering it as a free bonus. We love and respect our community and ask that you please be respectful to our business by not sharing your digital copies with others or outsourcing unauthorized copies to be printed ❤️

Due to this change there will be no upgrades from the digital to the hard copy like there was before. Thank you so much for your understanding in this matter! We truly appreciate each and every one of you and are so appreciative of your continued support.

If you’d like to download just the grocery lists & weekly menu planners - we are offering that as a free digital download here! https://cleansimpleeats.com/menuplanner

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