Our Fall 2020 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Danielle!


My CSE journey began back in March 2019. I just had my second child and was not feeling myself. I was pretty hard on myself for the way I looked and needed something to boost my self esteem. I heard of CSE from some of my friends online. I decided to try the 7 day free trial. I was instantly hooked! The meals were so delicious and so easy! I’m not the greatest cook but now I feel so confident in the kitchen it’s such a great feeling. Over a year and a half I’ve done the CSE challenges and with everyone I work towards a goal. One of them was to do a pull up. I’m excited to say I exceeded it by doing 6 pull-ups! Another goal was to work on my negative self talk. I still work on this goal but continue to tell myself I’m beautiful the way I am. CSE fuels me to be a better example to my kids and to others. Every challenge I’ve gone through I’ve had some type of physical or mental toughness but I always come out stronger. CSE is apart of me and will be forever and ever!

I did 6 sweat workouts a week. 4 strength training, 2 hiit using Kelsey Wells PWR program.


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