September 07, 2021

Our Summer 2021 Challenge Winner, Jessie!


Growing up I was always really super active and I didn’t ever watch what I was eating because I didn’t think I needed to. Fast forward a few years…I am now 25 years old and married with two kids. My first pregnancy was pretty good; I gained some weight but pretty much dropped it all after she was born. The second pregnancy took A TOLL, haha. I was really sick and never wanted to cook and as a result we ate out… A LOT. I also didn’t feel like working out and so I gave that up entirely. I started putting on the pounds and in my head, I kept telling myself that my body would go back to normal after pregnancy. Welllll it didn’t. And, I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. Naturally I was feeling pretty crappy about myself, and just in general I didn’t feel good…and I know now it’s because I wasn’t fueling myself properly.

So in came Clean Simple Eats! I had seen friends post about it and had actually followed their page on Instagram for a while. I started looking into the challenge and decided I wanted to give it a try! So I grabbed my husband and we jumped in. I was surprised at how simple the challenge was and how yummy the food was! I didn’t know I could eat such yummy things that were also good for me. I also got back into working out 4-5 days a week.

I can’t even tell you how good I’ve felt the past couple months! I’ve lost weight which is great, but more than that I just FEEL GOOD! I have more energy throughout the day and that’s helped me be a better mom and wife as well. I don’t feel sick after eating anymore, which actually used to happen a lot. Again, I know it’s because the food I was putting into my body was not what it needed. Truly so grateful for this challenge - that really has just become a lifestyle change for me and my family! We will definitely continue to stay on track with our goals and continue to do more challenges in the future! We aren’t done yet! THANK YOU!

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