March 01, 2022

Our Winter 2022 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Barry!


I did this challenge three years ago when I finally decided enough was enough. I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and sleep apnea and was on the verge of getting a CPAP, just like my dad and brothers. At that time, the first weeks were extremely difficult as I completely changed my diet and focused on exercising regularly. It was a total shock to my system.

After the seven weeks, I was amazed at how far I had come. I had gone from 223 to 192 lbs. I hadn’t felt that good in a long time. I avoided the CPAP and blood pressure medications. For the past three years, my wife, kids and I have more often than not continued to eat CSE meals, and we have bookmarked our “Family Favorites” that we go back to time and time again.

Slowly, over time though, I started to put on more weight, as I hadn’t dedicated myself to continue to exercise faithfully and eat healthily. I had a new job and religious calling that was eating up a lot of my time the past two years. I was back up around 215 pounds over Christmas, my blood pressure was once again 150/90s, and I started to snore again (per my wife), which was a sign of sleep apnea (as I had been diagnosed three years prior to my first CSE Challenge). I told myself enough was enough, and said I am doing another challenge!!!

The best part about this time around is I already knew I could do it, and my motivation was higher than ever. I looked forward to each CSE meal and CSE shakes after my workouts and the weight came down and the energy back up! Four weeks in, I stopped snoring and six weeks in, my blood pressure is back in the 120/80 range. I’ve been telling my story to friends and family to motivate them to do the same thing. If everybody knew, or could see what they would look like, after just seven weeks with CSE healthy eating and consistent exercise, I guarantee you would put in the time and energy to obtain your goal. My goal was to get below 190 lbs., and when I hit 189 at the end of week six, it was the first time since high school, 18 years ago, that I had seen those numbers. Talk about motivation! I ended up at 187 lbs. and still have some room to go, and I can’t wait to see where I will end up this year! CSE works! See for yourself and try it out!

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