March 02, 2021

Our Winter 2021 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Landon!


Honestly, I let myself go between the last two challenges. With the holidays and so much traveling for us, I fell off the wagon. I gained about 10 pounds and I knew I was losing muscle definition and didn’t feel good. This Winter challenge was looming and going into it, I felt overwhelmed. I was going into my most difficult semester of my master’s degree, my wife is pregnant, I got a new job that requires a relocation across the country, and we already have two little boys. I simply thought there wasn’t enough time to be able to do the challenge on top of it all. I thought I would jump back in after we got past all of those things. But these challenges are extremely motivating to me. 

So I told my wife that even though this will be the challenge where I have the least amount of time (probably in my whole life) that this would also be the one when I would go all in harder than I have for any other challenge. I put together an intense workout program for myself and I decided to stick right with the meal plan all the way through. My overall plan was set at maintenance so that I could change my body composition and gain muscle while losing weight. It was so good to get into a good workout routine and follow strict eating habits. Once again, my acid reflux was gone, and I somehow had more energy than ever to keep up with everything. I was so determined that there were nights when I was working out at 11 or midnight to stay on top of my goals. 

Over the course of the weeks, the fat has fallen off and I have more muscle definition than ever. In the 6th week of the challenge, I was also able to reach my goal of a sub 20 minute 5k! I never thought I would have the time this challenge to accomplish what I did. But I made it a priority and I was consistent so I was able to reach my goals. This challenge taught me that I can keep my health and fitness a priority and still keep up with the other demands in my life and it makes everything more manageable when I feel good. CSE has changed my life and given my family such fantastic options for eating well and taking care of ourselves. I am happy to be able to already start setting good examples for my boys at such a young age. Thank you JJ and Erika for EVERYTHING!!


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