March 02, 2021

Our Winter 2021 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Diana!


I stumbled across CSE a few challenges back and was inspired. Being a busy mom of 3, always on the go with little “me” time, all while Covid is going on has taken its toll on each of us, myself included. I finally feel as if I have been able to prioritize me and my health which spans mental, physical and emotional through this journey. I have recognized that it’s okay to take care of myself. It was hard; it still is hard, and it will always be hard, but we just get better at it. 

Over this challenge I had to put myself first. I would complete my workouts early before my family woke up each morning in order to guarantee it happened. I followed along with Erica’s meal plan and now have a better understanding of macros and healthy size portions. Not only did I benefit from the last 7 weeks, but my husband lost 10lbs just eating the meals and my children enjoyed most meals as well. 

This whole process has opened a door to a healthy lifestyle that we have been chasing that is actually attainable. Small changes and tweaks that have made lasting effects on not only me but the whole family. This challenge has really allowed me the structure and tools to stay on track for the 7-week Challenge. It feels as if CSE is the instruction manual and you just follow along. I have been so blessed by this community through IG and Facebook when I feel down or less motivated or even if I have a question about a recipe. I am so grateful that CSE isn’t a fad diet, it’s a sustainable lifestyle that is 100% for anyone. I would seriously be lost, feeling miserable in my body and unhealthy without CSE.



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