March 03, 2020

Our Winter 2020 Finalist, Grant!

Congrats, Grant!

I started feeling badly about my weight when I was ten years old. From that point on I was never able to get to where I looked, felt or believed in myself the way that I wished I could. I wanted to change things but never knew how, and eventually came to a point where I felt that I simply couldn’t. The CSE Challenge has marked the beginning of a shift from that mentality.

In the classic story of New Year’s resolutions, my wife and I bought the winter meal plan, a couple of bottles of protein powder, took some before pictures, and got to work. 

I keep a busy schedule, and have always struggled to consistently find time to get workouts in. So I started getting up at 4:30 to make sure I could get a workout in before my workday started.

I stuck to the meal plan religiously, which turned out to be a LOT easier than what we'd been doing before. It was so incredibly convenient to have lunch for the next day already figured out, simple, consistent breakfasts that tasted amazing and didn't take a lot of time, and good lord the power bites are a life-saver.

The two biggest changes from my previous eating habits were the portion sizes and the variety. I realized how much I'd been overeating in the past all while feeling like I was eating healthy and clean. And it was an amazing change to try a new recipe every night, rather than the six or seven staple meals that we'd been rotating through for the past six years.

I started seeing changes in the mirror relatively quickly, which was exciting, and gave me an extra boost of motivation to continue. I was careful NOT to weigh myself, take body fat measurements, or any additional progress pictures till the challenge was over and I was BLOWN AWAY at the change.

I've never been in this kind of shape before, and I know that this is just the beginning of the path. My wife and I began with the decision that we would be trying this plan for the next year. But what we've found instead was a new lifestyle. One that makes life easier, helps us feel better, and has given us a way to achieve goals that we had all but given up on.

Thank you so much for sharing this program, for encouraging participation with these challenges, and helping me find a way to break out of the trap that I've been stuck in for so long.

Predominantly I was using a workout plan from Athlean X (the starter plan) that I'd purchased a couple of years ago. However, multiple times I used the CSE HIIT workouts in place of his prescribed workout for an extra challenge.

Your workouts are AWESOME.


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