March 03, 2020

Our Winter 2020 Finalist, Aaron!

Congrats, Aaron!

I am someone who has always been “a big guy”. I’ve always carried my weight pretty well and was active, but I definitely had some deep-seeded issues with it. I didn’t like to talk about it, but I’ve always wanted to be healthier and more fit. I’ve tried many different types of diets over the years and had some varying success, but I never felt healthy and good about it. It was more starving my self to see results.

That’s when my wife and her family introduced us to Clean Simple Eats. I remember the first family meal I had with your guys’ meals. I didn’t want to believe it was healthy, because it tasted so good!

I knew I needed to make a change. I work as a police officer and I let myself get up to an extremely unhealthy and unsafe 270 lbs. On top of that, I was diagnosed with a fatty liver. My partner who is also young, had a heart attack. My daughter just turned 3. I had a real serious revelation. I NEEDED to get healthier. I did not want to die young. I need to be healthier for my daughter and my family. I want to be there for them and to support them. It was a really profound realization and it was the strongest motivator I could ever have.

I started to eat a little bit healthier but lacked structure and format. I was able to get down to 250 lbs and then Clean Simple Eats came back into my life. One day at Disneyland of all places, we saw JJ and Erika and their lovely family (Dressed in the best toy story outfits). My wife Lauren told me it was the clean simple eats owners. I remembered the meal I had and started researching it again. We then decided to start the next challenge!

The challenge started off really well. We worked together as a team and loved making the meals together. I was working out every single day and being active and the pounds were literally disappearing. And then, of course, set back number one. I fractured my tail bone getting into a fight at work. It completely sidelined me. No working out! I was pretty devastated because I had so much momentum in this challenge. I loved the fitness challenges JJ and Erika created so much. Then set back two and three. Our whole family got sick twice!! It didn’t seem fair, but I had one thing going for me. These amazing meals and macro plan.

I was being strict with the macros and the diet alone was showing me amazing results. I already built that healthy foundation from the beginning and can’t wait to be healed so I can start working out again.

From day one of the challenge I’ve gotten down to 220 lbs. That’s an amazing 30 lbs lost. It’s been such a life-changing experience, words cannot even do it justice. I feel amazing, but most importantly I have confidence and mentally I am so much stronger.

Thank you for all you’ve done in making such a delicious and easy to use system. I truly believe you may have saved my life and set me up for a healthy future.

I was doing all the fitness challenges that JJ posted and following your workout guide. I was also working out at a local gym doing HIIT workouts. That was until I broke my coccyx and couldn’t work out anymore.


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