September 06, 2022

Our Summer 2022 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Lacy!


For my entire adult life, I have struggled with weight and feeling yucky (bloating, cramps, digestive issues, inflammation, etc.). I felt like I had tried every diet under the sun and just kept losing weight and then gaining back more, while living with a constant bellyache. 

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to CSE and that was the beginning of a new life for me! I have four young daughters, so I’ve been trying to lose weight and learn how to eat, so that I don’t live with a constant bellyache–all while being pregnant multiple times, breastfeeding, and trying to bounce back each time. 

It has taken me a couple of years, but my entire lifestyle has changed, my pantry is completely different, and everything about my life has improved! I’m rarely sick, and when I get a stomachache, I’m blown away that feeling like that used to be my norm! My kids love the food, especially the smoothies, and I feel like I have taken a step in the right direction, breaking the cycle of obesity. 

I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been; I feel amazing, and I’m training for a half marathon, which I could not have even imagined two years ago! Living this way is so liberating; I experience something every single day that is so much easier now that I’m down almost 100 pounds and sometimes it brings tears to my eyes when I think about how much better my life is now!

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