September 06, 2022

Our Summer 2022 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Hailey!


I’ve done a few CSE challenges. I wanted to do the 75 Day Hard Challenge with some friends. I knew that CSE meal planning would be a perfect combo for helping me stick to my macro diet. I downloaded the CSE+ app then got a few friends to agree to swap meals with me each week. I would triple my recipe and prep meals every Monday night to divide and swap with two other friends. This system has worked great for me and sets me up to eat healthy for the rest of the week.

I committed myself to strictly following my macros using recipes from CSE, take daily unflattering photos of myself, no cheat meals, no treats, drinking one gallon of water per day, one indoor 45-minute work out per day (HIIT, Peloton bike rides, or heavy lifting), and another 45-minute outdoor workout (which was honestly a leisure walk with my kids or husband), and to top it all off, with 10 pages of reading per day!

The day after I submitted my photos for the last CSE challenge, I had to get surgery. I was unable to do much of anything for a few weeks, so I had to re-start 75 Hard. Conveniently, when I restarted the 75 Hard, the new CSE Challenge started, so I combined the two again! It was not easy. Tragedy hit my family on the Fourth of July, and it was honestly the only thing that kept my head above water. I completed the 75 Hard on August 26th and the CSE challenge on August 29th! I’m still sticking to my daily tasks because it is now a habit, and I have really grown to love my outdoor walks. 

I wouldn’t have been able to stick to healthy eating without the help of CSE recipes! Thank you for the support through my journey!

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