September 06, 2022

Our Summer 2022 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Emma!


I love all of the CSE meals and snacks!!! It’s been years and years of meal plans, and I’ve never gotten tired of them. My family loves them too. When I had my third baby in 2016, I was able to get healthier and lose excess weight during all of 2017 because of Clean Simple Eats. I kept that off until I got pregnant in 2021 with baby #4, and I stayed strong through my pregnancy with CSE meals. 

After giving birth at the end of 2021, I was pretty exhausted all around. I was fully in newborn survival mode, and I was depleted. I felt drained all the time; blissful with the newborn, but I sacrificed my health in the process. I tried to work out and just eat CSE when I could this year, but I still plateaued at a much higher weight than I was used to. I honestly just took it as “times and seasons change” and tried not to let it get me down. 

When I committed to this challenge, I was able to truly find myself again. Not because of a certain weight loss, but because I was putting in the work!! I was able to get stronger! I was eating delicious food, and my husband was the biggest support. I wasn’t sacrificing my physical and mental health; I was putting it first. 

I know to some, my progress might not look much different. But the difference I feel from the beginning of the challenge to NOW is truly life-altering. I cannot wait for the Fall Challenge, so I can keep up my momentum!

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