September 07, 2021

Our Summer 2021 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Graham!


 Another season, another Clean Simple Eats challenge. For my wife and I, this is our 4th challenge in a row and our 5th overall. Since we have been fully committed to CSE and its wonderful program, the results have been amazing. Before we decided to do something about our health and well being, we were typical emotional eaters and used food as a crutch and an escape. Bad day? Let’s get takeout and drinks. Tired? Let’s order a pizza. We were both overweight and unhealthy. I had high blood pressure, trouble sleeping and generally felt lethargic.

 Forget about all that now! I'm no longer taking medication to control my BP. I sleep well and have energy to burn. At first I will admit I was reluctant to start but did anyways to support Jen. At the first challenge during Fall of 2020, I focused on nutrition first and was amazed. The weight fell right off, so I started working out doing body weight exercises and that amped it up even more. I decided I needed to be all in and got a weight set and wow! Between the delicious and nutritious food the transformation was dramatic. People were commenting on how much I had changed. All told, it is around 60 pounds and still dropping in a little under a year.    

 Without CSE, I don’t know if I would be here. We love to prep the meals as a family on Sundays and be ready to go for the week. No more what are we having for dinner. Tired? Grab a CSE meal from the fridge or freezer. It has been truly life-changing and I cannot thank Erika and JJ enough for this program. We recommend it to everyone that will listen. We love the interaction in the online community and the built-in support family that it brings. The tasty protein powders and OffBeat Butter help too. I cannot wait to see where this takes me and look forward to the Fall 2021 Challenge and beyond. Thank you Clean Simple Eats!

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