June 14, 2022

Our Spring 2022 Challenge Winner, Brandon!


As someone who has always valued physical fitness, it is pretty amazing how years of poor eating can transform your body without you fully realizing it. I have always stayed physically active, but over the years, I have slowly gained a few pounds each year and it has really stacked up. 

My wife loves the CSE community, workouts, meals, and protein and when she brought up the transformation challenge, it was just what I needed to take my health seriously again. My wife and I are blessed with six beautiful children and although our life is very busy, this challenge helped me focus on my health, stay active, and really get serious about my nutrition. The CSE meals and protein were great resources and guides for me. 

Although I certainly wasn’t flawless throughout the seven weeks, having my wife and children as an encouragement–and knowing there were other men and women fighting for health with me– made it possible to give it an honest effort and make life changes that were long overdue. My journey is far from over and I look forward to continuing this healthy lifestyle…I am truly blessed!

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Each season we host a free 7-week, community-based health and fitness challenge. We work hard, get our sweat on, and work together to motivate each other to reach our goals.

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