June 08, 2021

Our Spring 2021 Challenge Winner, John!

Two years ago I was eating ok and going to the gym regularly. Then we had our third child and it all fell apart. Then COVID came a year later and things got worse—worse eating, more stress, less exercise. 

My wife has been following you and drinking your protein for a couple years. This spring she invited me to do the challenge with her and I thought it would be a good thing for us to do as a couple, so we could support and encourage each other. She did amazing; she lost over 10 pounds and is so happy with her results! 

I’m sleeping better than I have in over 10 years and I FINALLY feel like my relationship with food has changed to the point where it doesn’t control me anymore, I am in charge of what I eat. I love your recipes and am so happy that we have found such a great resource for our family, so that we can teach our kids healthy eating habits at a young age. Thank you for all that you have done for our family!

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Each season we host a free 7-week, community-based health and fitness challenge. We work hard, get our sweat on, and work together to motivate each other to reach our goals.

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