June 08, 2021

Our Spring 2021 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Daniel!

My story with CSE is a wild one. I first took part in the Spring 2019 Challenge following the traumatic experience of losing our son to a rare syndrome. After months of not particularly caring about our general health and trying to come to terms with what had happened, my wife came across CSE and we decided to sign up primarily as a way to get control over our lives again. We were able to do so thanks in large part to the meal guides, the weekly meal prep, and daily exercise. 

Throughout the course of that first challenge, I lost a total of 42 pounds. Looking back, however, what I’m more proud of is that my wife and I were both able to maintain our results throughout the fall and winter. The habits learned from that initial challenge never left me. 

Fast forward to spring 2020. I took part in the Spring 2020 challenge as a way to stay busy and eat healthy while navigating the pandemic. I loved Workout Wednesdays and would exercise out of our garage daily. In the end, I lost another 16 pounds but am, again, more proud and impressed that I’ve been able to maintain these results for almost two years. 

This Spring 2021 challenge is my third and came at a time of joy for my wife and me. We welcomed our daughter, Nora, in November, 2020. I wanted to continue our healthy habits and prep meals for my wife as she recovered from pregnancy. 

I exercised regularly in preparation for my first 10K race and have loved watching our now 6-month old grow in the process. Now at the end of this challenge, I have lost another 17 pounds. In total, I have lost 75 pounds but will continue to repeat that I’m more proud about the ability to maintain the results. The habits learned through these challenges have changed my life. 

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