June 08, 2021

Our Spring 2021 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Alli!

This challenge was not my first rodeo with CSE, but it was the challenge I have had the most growth in. I have been with CSE for almost 3 years and have many foundational transformations that I will use to forge many more in my lifetime. 

Up until this point, I really focused on nutrition. I have become obsessed with the CSE recipes and the way they make me feel. I've learned portion control and the importance of a variety of nutrients in food. After having my baby in September, I felt like I was ready for more. I decided to go ALL in this challenge. 

First, I decided I would have more of a presence in the CSE community. I have learned so much and there was no reason to keep it to myself. Posting and interacting with others on this same journey really changed my views of CSE from "CSE is a program I do" to "CSE is a family I'm a part of.” 

Second, I decided to incorporate exercise and go off my daily soda fix. I was so anxious that this was an impossible goal. That I'd be too tired and couldn't do my daily life because of the lack of caffeine and being up with the baby all night. What I didn't realize is that working out and properly fueling my body would make my day-to-day tasks run more effectively and efficiently. I would be in a more positive mood and overall a happier person to be around. I never could have dreamed that these would be the benefits I would receive from becoming more active and being consistent with my nutrition. 

Third, my mental transformation has been powerful. When I started CSE, it was a means to an end. Now I realize it is the grandest way of living. My mom asked me, "When are you going to be done? Don't you want to gorge yourself?" I immediately responded, I'm never going to be done. You know what I'm going to do tomorrow? Wake up, workout, and properly fuel my body. I have made new goals that I'm going to work on and achieve, and after that? I'll make some more. 

Lastly, I feel like my pictures are missing a huge part of my transformation. To really see the full effect CSE has had on my life, my three young boys would need to be in the picture. CSE has made me a better mother. I am happier and more patient. There is also nothing more satisfying than knowing I am properly fueling my children and teaching them how to take care of themselves in the future for them to teach to their children. 

My biggest advice I would give to everyone that just started CSE this challenge is DON'T STOP HERE. I have made bigger transformations 3 years down the road than I ever did in my first challenge.Thank you CSE! I owe it all to you!

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