June 09, 2020

Our Spring 2020 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Michelle!

MIC DROP! What a flipping amazing transformation! To say I’m proud, is an understatement. This is almost 2 years of hard work! Congrats to our very first CSE Beyond the Challenge female winner, Michelle! 🎉 If you're thinking she looks familiar, you're RIGHT because this isn't the first time she has graced our blog. Michelle is no CSE rookie, she has participated in six full challenges! Her dedication to changing her lifestyle, commitment to eating right and working out (at home with kids) has transformed Michelle from the inside out! She now is inspiring others to do the same! Congrats Michelle, you're taking home $2,500 plus our new Protein Flavor of the Month for an entire year!!

Congrats, Michelle!

Where to start? When I was younger, in my high school days, I never really had to think about what I ate or being active. I was pretty naturally skinny but I had terrible self-confidence and would tear myself apart and think I was fat. I think that is how most girls in their teens and probably beyond think of themselves. I had a mild eating disorder and would do anything to try to not gain weight or get above a certain weight. Fast forward to when I started working a desk job. I started gaining weight since I wasn't active and was eating anything I wanted still. I was not an active person or put any thought into what I ate until after having my first son in 2016. I would complain constantly about how I looked but would never do anything about it. After having my son I decided that would change. I started exercising and looking up random healthy recipes on Pinterest and would cycle through the same 4-5. I was never consistent and ultimately gave up about 4-6 months after I started. Then after having my second son fall 2018 I decided I needed to find something and stick to it. That is where CSE came into my life. My little sister had the meal plans and cooked a couple of the meals for our family and I was hooked. I knew this was the meal plan that would work for me. I was losing weight while still enjoying my meals. I didn't have to cycle through the same couple but I had a whole meal plan to choose from. It took out all the guesswork and didn't overcomplicate things to me. All I had to do was follow the suggested calories and follow along with what meals to cook for that week.

Along with strength training 5-6 days a week and cardio 4-5 days a week this meal plan has gotten me to where I am confident (for the most part. I still have my days). I don't have to hide behind anything and can keep up with two little boys and my husband. When I started I was about 185-190 and at my lowest was 140. I am sitting around 150 right now and feel confident at that weight. I have learned that the scale doesn't matter as much as I used to think. Measurements, pictures, how you feel and fueling your body with what it needs is what is important. I am 29 now, 5'9 inches, and eat around 1,700-2,000 calories. It has been a year and half and I am still using CSE whenever I cook and tell everyone I know about it. I am so grateful to my sister for introducing me and to JJ and Erika for creating this meal plan that not only works but is sustainable for the long term.

This challenge has been different for me just like I’m sure it’s been different for most. This was the first challenge I have done without my husband home. He is currently deployed and it was harder to cook for just me but I knew I wanted to challenge myself and hold myself accountable. I know this is a lifestyle so whenever I faltered I tried to not be too hard on myself. This meal plan is so sustainable and I am hooked for life. Not only are the recipes delicious they are filling and I look forward to my meals. I am always so grateful for clean simple eats and all it has taught me.


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